Skygate Technology
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IT security products, consultancy and development
We specialise in IT security, providing products, consultancy and software/application development to organisations. With a core team of engineers made up of Cambridge University postgraduates we have established an excellent reputation for delivering secure, effective, reliable software solutions to an international client base.

For more details on our security products including Two-Key user authentication (affordable two-factor authentication), Whisper (a simple privacy/encryption tool) and SafeGossip click here.

To learn more about our IT security consultancy and how we design and evaluate secure systems using BS7799 criteria click here. Lastly, to know more about our software development expertise and experience click here.

Passionate about plain English
We want our web site to be clear and concise. So, in writing it we have tried to follow Plain English Campaign guidelines. The Plain English Campaign is a UK-based independent organisation that campaigns for crystal-clear language. It is opposed to jargon, legalese, gobbledygook and other confusing language. You can go to their site by clicking here.

Ethical policy
We belive that, whilst we are in business to make a profit, we have a responsibility to be mindful of our impact on human and natural environments. So, we have an ethical policy. You can read it by clicking here.